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Love helpings of pickle with your meals but are wary of the preservative-loaded offerings that line supermarket racks? Belong to the ‘no butter no maida’ school of thought but don’t know where to get the good old Atta Biscuits from? Well, for all you folks, Amita Rai’s initiative ‘MOM’S HOMEMADE’ is Godsend and lives true to its name! Based in Ludhiana, she offers home made pickles, pinnis, atta biscuits and several savories made the good old way, (the healthy way, may we add!) Oh! Not to miss her magic potion of a hair oil, a generations old concoction which works wonders for hair, in every which way.

homemade in ludhiana


Every ingredient used is meticulously handpicked and sourced in order to preserve the quality and purity of flavour. Oh, and only natural preservatives! From sourcing ingredients to preparing to running quality checks on the finished products, Amita painstakingly yet patiently does everything on her own.

The USP of the edibles as well as the oil, besides the freshly procured ingredients, and age old tried-tested recipes is that they have Amita’s passion and expertise seeping through in each of the preparations. She shares with us with a glint in her eyes that she’s been making all of these for the past 35 years. It all started when she was young and looked upto her inspiration, her mom. From there on, her passion and appreciation from family and friends goaded her on. The stuff that she prepared in routine was always accepted with a lot of love, and it’s lately that she started taking orders through Whatsapp and social media.

home made pickles

As for the pickles, you can expect plenty much more than the regular, done-to-death mango variety. For besides the classic mango and nimbu achaar, she deliciously caters to a broad range of textures and flavours. There are interesting options like Amla , Kachalu, Red Chilli (stuffed), Red Chilli Khatta Meetha, Mango Marathi pickle, Radish Pickle etc.
And as exotic as these sound, each of these flavours taste distinctly home-made and are laden with goodness.

homemade ludhiana

Then there are umpteen options in the Sweet category; Post Child Birth Panjiri, Dry Fruit Panjiri, Pinnis for the indulgent lot and fitness buffs alike. There’s also something for your 80 something diabetic granny. Everyone’s got sweet cravings, right?
The Atta biscuits made with pure cow’s ghee (and lots of love, ofcourse) are a super duper hit! They go away as soon as they are churned, we hear.
And finally the much in demand superfood for your hair and scalp – the coveted hair oil. Prepared with rare herbs, and a generations old recipe, this is your perfect hair therapy and we have many users swear by its efficacy. Say goodbye to hair woes like falling hair, dandruff, receding hairline, hair thinning and believe it or not, even headaches!

Home made pickles

Just like with all old fashioned goodness, Amita doesn’t have a retail outlet. So for now she takes orders on the phone and co-ordinates with the buyers for a pick up from her home. You also have the option of getting these goodies couriered.

She can be contacted on 9878099333


  1. heartiest congratulations on this start up venture of yours. It takes a lot of courage to do something of your own. Your venture will make you liberated and will give you a lot of strength. May God be with you always pinky aunty

  2. Many many congratulations Anita ! May god bless you with many more such ventures . Wishing you great success and healthy life . Neena Malik

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