Glimpsess – A Sneak Peek Into Your Dream Home

Glimpsess lives true to its name and HOW! It offers you a sneak peek into your dream home; taking care of most things especially furniture and decorative pieces. They portray a tasteful aesthetic, with everything displayed in an enormous space dedicated to demonstrating precisely how a product would sit in your home.

Glimpsess mirrors

Decoding Style & Design

The enterprising and gifted designer, Shweta Handa, an architect by degree, and the brain, soul and toil behind ‘Glimpsess’ takes on interior decor projects, both turn key as well as smaller areas refresh. She renders professional assistance in designing your humble (or lavish) abode, the way you wish! Her experience of having studied, trained and worked in Delhi for years before she moved to Phagwara and started this venture in 2006 is what truly sets her apart.


As I walk into this studio (on strong recommendation from a friend), nestled in Phagwara (though prominently located on the highway), I find myself absolutely awestruck! And also disappointed with myself on having been oblivious to this ‘Woody Wonderland’ all this while. Everything about the studio is refreshing and oozes aesthetics from the word go! From decorative accessories to whimsical wall art, suave high back chairs to elaborate beds fit for a king, one can see a rather classic yet offbeat element of design in each of the products and a great eye for detail! Each of the products are ‘Show Stoppers’ in themselves; timeless yet in line with present trends. The brand’s aesthetic caters to the contemporary, modern lifestyle but with a subtle opulence and a chic appeal. Whether it’s just a single element, or an entire piece of furniture altogether (custom-made, may we reiterate), Shweta’s idea is to create spaces in your home, whether big or small that evolve just as much as you do.

shweta handa phagwara

One can also see how the designer is focused on a seamless fusion of the forms of elements applied in designing but not taking emphasis away from functionality factor. Believe us when we say that if there’s someone who can make something as basic as a ‘Nest Of Tables’ also look like a signature piece, it’s the very innovative Shweta!

Her forte lies in the blend she creates between universal trends and Indian pedigree. “You get a myriad showcases under this roof, but everything with a ‘made in India’ tag.”shares Shweta with pride. Kudos, woman!


Tailored Furniture

The designer’s approach is very flexible. She’s happy and willing to brainstorm décor ideas with you, to visit your homes to inspect and consequently suggest pieces from her collection, or simply work in sync with the vision you already harbour. Visit her and add some razzmatazz and glamour to your everyday living!

Where: Glimpsess, Phagwara – Jalandhar Highway, Near Convent School, Phagwara.

Contact: 098728 71658

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