The Heartwarming ‘Wall of Kindness’

While the word “Wall” is known to create partitions or divide, for underprivileged people, it is a symbol of segregation from the community at large. But this “Wall of Kindness” has a different meaning—it is uniting people from all walks of life on an unprecedented scale. This “Wall of Kindness” is for lending a helping hand to the poor by handing out essential items.

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What Is The Wall of Kindness?

The concept is something like this: the run-of-the-mill kind of wall is painted with colorful motifs and graffiti, and inlaid with pegs and hangers, with the words “If you don’t need it, leave [it]. If you need it, take [it].”  These walls stock a variety of items ranging from clothes and blankets to footwear, books, utensils, toys, eatables, and other things that people do not use. There are words of encouragement written all over the walls that definitely invite the passer-by to leave a piece of kindness in the form of clothes, food, or other stuff, if they can spare them. And the underprivileged people can pick their need from this wall. This social concept serves as a beacon of hope for the needy.

There is no stipulation, no rule, no order; just give-and-take between those in need and those who want to help those in need.

wall of kindnesss
In Chandigarh, an NGO upholding Gandhian principles of peaceful and harmonious co-existence, Yuvsatta, inspired benevolence amongst Chandigarh residents and gave them a convenient medium to help the needy. In association with Chandigarh schools, the NGO set up ‘Wall of Kindness’ or ‘neki ki diwar’ outside schools, with a slogan ‘leave if you do not need, take if you need’. 

Started in September, 2016, the campaign has already been adopted by various schools and institutions across Chandigarh. Carmel Convent School, Dev Samaj College of Education, St Joseph School, St Stephen’s School, Dev Samaj School and the Government Girls Model Senior Secondary School in Sector 18, Children’s Centre-Kitabghar in Sector 26 are some to mention. People in some private homes have also shown initiatives on this front at a smaller level.
Tricity, turn a wall into a ‘wall of kindness’ in your neighbourhood. Join in and let the needy know that they are not the neglected and the forgotten lot. 

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