Studying the play of light, shadow and subject, capturing images with a unbridled zeal at age when most of his contemporaries were busy scouring malls and brands, is Abhinav Joshi all of 18 years of age, a photographer par excellence. Born in 1999 into a family of educationists, this Jalandhar lad’s upbringing and outlook was greatly influenced by his grandfather J.C. Joshi, and father Nitin Joshi who helped channelize his energy and give a direction to his interests.


His relationship with the camera started out at the tender age of 11 years, when he discovered his ability and skill for photography, was a lot more than a passing interest. Over the next few years he attended many workshops including some organized by Nikon, and experimented with various styles of photography. A major turning point was training under renowned wildlife photographer Sudhir Shivram, which brought out a confidence and definite signature to this youngster’s photography.

abhinav joshi

Getting his first commercial venture in 2012, Abhinav has worked many projects, including covering the Royal Enfield – one ride, VRV Fitness Center, NFCI Hotel Management Institute, events for his school APJ Jalandhar and numerous birthday parties.

abhinav 7

“Always a hyperactive child, he was an extremely fast and enthusiastic learner. His unique grasp of a subject and disinterest in social pressures has shaped his passion” shares Anjna Joshi his proud mother. A keen sportsperson, with a black belt in Karate, this young gun is definitely slated for bigger thing behind the camera, with an aim for the field of cinematography.

abhinav joshi 6

Check out his facebook page @photographic energy and website for more magical pictures.

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  1. Minehouse of talent this young lad .. We have witnessed his growth over the last 6 years or so and he has grown exponentially . May the Almighty bless him always .

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