Not All Momos Should Be Consumed

As if life isn’t full of challenges already, some gaming enthusiasts hurl challenges at one; some really serious ones.  Just when we all thought that we are done with challenges that lead to suicide, there is yet another challenge which is trending in the form of “Momo Challenge“. According to the reports by Sun, the Momo Challenge started off on Facebook where members were challenged to get in touch with an unknown number.

Similar in nature to the Blue Whale Challenge, this challenge also targets the mentally vulnerable. It all begins when an initial contact is established with the user and the “so-called” Momo account sends a couple of challenges and activities which have to be completed to meet the momo. Children are then encouraged to engage themselves in a series of violent activities which finally results in attempting a suicide. Try considering to opt out of this challenge by not following the game orders and the Momo shall threaten you with violent images.

Momo challenge

Who is Momo? 
Momo is a social media account on various platforms that uses an image of a doll which has horrific features such as large eyes and wide mouth. According to the Sun, the account is reportedly connected to three numbers in Japan, Mexico and Columbia.

Couple of days ago, Beunos Aires Times reported that the Argentina Police are claiming this game to be the reason of death of a 12 year old girl who had filmed the activities on her phone before committing suicide. Recently, a First Year college student girl from Jalpaiguri, West Bengal filed a complaint with the local police about an invite which she received on Whatsapp telling her to participate in this game.

It’s a special request to everyone to not partake in any such kinds of challenges and to monitor your near and dear ones about “Momo Challenge”. Please report this case to your nearest police station if you get an invite from any number inviting you to participate in this challenge. 

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