The unfolding of the global coronavirus pandemic has led to people being confined to their homes. With not just borders but colony and condominium gates being shut too, it can be hard not to feel overwhelmed (and caged). The good news? Even in times of stress and anxiety, you can take proactive steps to elevate your mood and lower your expenses. Where there is a will, there is no bill !!!!! Where everyone is painting Corona black, I would say that this black swan has had some inconspicuous perks too. With the unprecedented lockdown, social distancing and isolation are the non-negotiable norm. People are staying inside and rarely going outside. There’s no place to go to either. Afterall, all restaurants, salons, malls, movie halls are shut. The compulsive consumerism has come to an absolute halt. Many have delved deeper into their spheres of creativity (and also undusted shelves, unexplored drawers with unused items) and found solutions instead of lamenting. Needless to say, people are determined to keep themselves afloat emotionally as well as economically. Here are some interesting observations.The lockdown has done what nothing else could have! Under house arrest, people are actually saving money on…

1. Eating out: It’s like everyone has acquired a hotel management degree overnight. Pizzas, brownies, banoffee pies, ‘Chowmean’ (pun intended!) is fine. But last that I saw, even Gol gappas, jalebis and gulab jamuns are being churned at home (much to the horror of halwais, I tell you!)

2. Salons: Women are seen cutting their husband’s hair, aah well, thankfully not the ears. That’s anyway the last thing they’ll chop off. Afterall, someone has to listen compulsorily to their rants. Modi ji can’t be blamed for everything!. The menfolk are willing to return the favour. Just that they are allowed to pull hair ONLY from the eyebrows, not the crowning glory. Talk about the crowning glory, the quarantine trend is hues of the VIBGYOR. Guess why!!!! Because nobody’s going to see you for a while.

3. Gyms: Talk about the jhadoo pocha & thoda bahut ek doosre ko nocha! I won’t be surprised if some Zumba moves are named after the Indian cleaning props, given their efficacy in shaping & sculpting the abs.

4. Coffee shops: The newest kid on the block, Dalgona ne sabb Coffee shops ka business hai dhona! Not only is it easy on the pocket, you whip some coffee and you work on your arm muscles too! Starbucks, this one is going to give you a run for your bucks!

5. AC Service: It’s become a team building activity of sorts. One holds the ladder and the other cleans the bladder (of the AC, lest you think otherwise)

6. Entertainment: Confinement doesn’t mean no entertainment. Since we cannot take our kids to the zoo, the animals are dropping by to say ‘Hello’ to us! For all other kind of entertainment, there’s Netflix and Hotstar.

Where there is a will, there is a way; and certainly no bill. I’ll grab this silver lining, folks. The weight of the wallet is intact. The only thing getting lighter is my own weight. (So now you know what my cooking is like)

Written by: Adarsh Gill Brar

Note from the author: The article has been written in a light vein. There is no intention to hurt any sentiments.

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