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Harjot’s Cakewalk lives up to its name and how! Churning magic in the kitchen and delighting tastebuds as well as senses is certainly a cakewalk for them! The brand brings to life (and to your plate) the incredibly scrumptious goodies that you drool over in international magazines.

A formidable ‘Mother-Daughters team’, the name is already a super duper hit and one to reckon with amidst the food lovers of Chandigarh. The venture was started by Harjot Phoolka, a self-taught baker and one, par excellence. What began as a hobby soon turned into a full-fledged career, as the popularity of her delectable baked goods grew. Her cooking and hospitality always evoked appreciation from her family and friends. The brand which was born as result of Harjot’s passion for baking, took wings thanks to her doting daughters motivating her and helping her labour of love take a leap of faith and reach out to a larger market. “She makes such amazing food that turning it into a business venture seemed most natural”, says her older daughter Harmala. As her savouries and cakes started selling like hotcakes, her daughters Harmala and Sukhmani joined her too, despite their respective careers of being an artist and a marketing expert.

The menu at Harjot’s Cakewalk is an attempt at celebrating old-fashioned cooking by giving it a modern twist, marrying old familiars with unique flavors to create delightful surprises. The brand evokes the experience of a quintessential international kitchen – where cookie dough is rolled out and cake batter whipped up for both ordinary & special occasions. From savouries like quiche, steamed sandwiches, meat loaves to sweet treats like tarts, sticky toffee pudding, puff pastries, souffles, cheesecakes; this home bakery caters to a spectrum of cravings!

As exotic and global as they sound, each of these flavours taste distinctly home made and are laden with goodness. Their secret ingredient here – dollops of homely love! “I have operated with a simple vision – of creating fresh, delicious, innovative products. All our bakes, healthy or indulgent, are made fresh and with the best possible ingredients”, shares the lady behind it all when asked about the brand’s USP.

As if their talent wasn’t enough, the family’s seamless camaraderie and working dynamics leave me absolutely flabbergasted! Harjot does most of the baking herself. Creative genes are in this family’s very DNA and doing complete justice to that, is older daughter Harmala. Not only does she bake the fancy cakes, but also adds her attention to detail and aesthetics with exquisite butter-cream art and free hand painted fondant! Icing on the cake, I’d say! She also helps with the decoration and packaging of the final product. Sukhmani, the younger one, bakes the breads, brioches, cruffins, bagels and croissants to perfection, adding her touch and finesse acquired through her days away from home wherein she was exposed to varied tastes, cultures and trends. A happy customer like me just gathers all this information in awe! (Whilst biting on a freshly baked heavenly coffee cake, ofcourse!)

The passionate team takes immense pride in every gourmet product that leaves their door!
The lockdown has kept them on their toes with a deluge of orders. Their fingerlicking goodies have certainly kept many people like me smiling! Infact their global treats will ensure that you do not miss your travel overseas. For your share of happiness, call them on 9876706064

Written by Adarsh Gill Brar

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